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Gonstead Chiropractor Owatonna. Dr. Josh sets up on a patient's neck to adjust her.

Dr. Josh’s Story | Gonstead Chiropractor

Joshua Burnham DC started working for Pepsi as a delivery driver in downtown Minneapolis in June 2016. It was a physically demanding job, but it was also very enjoyable. Little did he know that his job at Pepsi would change his life forever.

It was a typical day at work. Dr. Josh had to make a routine delivery to the Wells Fargo bank building in Minneapolis. As fate would have it, he spilled bottles in the freight elevator.

While he was stooped over to pick up the bottles the elevator door came down and struck the back of Dr. Josh’s head. He was hurt on the job, and so began a months-long battle to get his health back. He suffered a whiplash injury and concussion. 

He wound up in a Gonstead chiropractor’s office. Dr. Dave Geary in Burnsville, Minnesota fixed up Dr. Josh’s neck. His course was set…the rest is as we say…history. Let the Gonstead Technique change your life at Precision Chiropractic Services!

Dr. Gonstead’s Legacy | Gonstead Chiropractor

Dr. Clarence Gonstead. Chiropractor from Wisconsin.

Dr. Clarence Gonstead (1898-1978) was born and raised in Wisconsin on his family farm. It is believed that his mechanical experience while working on their farm influenced his chiropractic thought process. Gonstead developed acute rheumatoid arthritis as a young man. His mother scheduled an appointment for him with chiropractor Dr. Jacob Olson. It was the healing results that Gonstead experienced through chiropractic care that changed the course of his life forever.

Dr. Gonstead graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree on July 12, 1923. He opened his first chiropractic clinic in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin in December of the same year. Gonstead was one of the first privately practicing chiropractors to have an x-ray machine inside of his office. The results of his care quickly propelled his practice into massive success and fame. At its peak, the Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic was seeing hundreds of patient visits every day. Dr. Gonstead’s practice took up a large chunk of those visits. 

His results soon caught the attention of other chiropractors. The Gonstead Seminar of Chiropractic was started shortly thereafter. Chiropractors were hungry to learn the method that had skyrocketed Dr. Gonstead into national stardom. His practice was so popular that he had to build a hotel, restaurant, and private airstrip to serve his national and international clientele. The large Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic and the Karakahl Inn still remain in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin to this day. The clinic is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

The chiropractic methodology of the Gonstead Technique survived the passing of Dr. Clarence Gonstead in 1978. The tradition of seminar instruction lives on primarily through the efforts of the Gonstead Methodology Institute (GMI), Gonstead Seminar Incorporated (GSI), and the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society (GCSS). Chiropractic students now receive the benefit of learning from the experience of multiple Gonstead doctors with unique talents, perspectives, and skills.

The 5 Components | Gonstead Chiropractor

Gonstead Chiropractor Owatonna. Dr. Josh finds the correct bone to adjust through feeling the skin of the back.


Looking at the surface of the back for abnormal hair patterns, suspicious moles, discoloration, swelling, curvatures, and muscle spasms. Gonstead Chiropractor.

Gonstead Chiropractor Owatonna. Dr. Josh sets up to adjust the neck.

Static Palpation

Feeling for pockets of swelling under the skin, tenderness over bones, texture changes in the skin, and tightness of muscles. Gonstead Chiropractor.

Gonstead Chiropractor Owatonna. Dr. Josh feels the patients neck in the seated position.

Motion Palpation

Feeling for joint fixations that are not moving like they should. Movement will be most restricted in a particular direction. Gonstead Chiropractor.

Gonstead Chiropractor Owatonna. Dr. Josh uses the nervoscope on the patient's back.


Full spine digital x-rays help the Gonstead chiropractor find areas of physical stress in your back that may need adjustments. Gonstead Chiropractor.

Gonstead Chiropractor Owatonna. Dr. Josh walks through the patient's x-rays with her.

Full Spine X-rays

Full spine digital x-rays help the Gonstead chiropractor find areas of physical stress in your back that may need adjustments. Gonstead Chiropractor.

9 Reasons To Full Spine X-Ray | Gonstead Chiropractor

Count vertebrae accurately

Being off on which bone is getting adjusted is a serious problem. X-rays help us know that we are affecting the joint that is misaligned.

Assess curves and scoliosis

Adjusting on the wrong side of a curve could make the curvature or scoliosis worse. It is important to know which side to adjust on.

Determine safety

The majority of reasons not to adjust (contraindications) can only be identified with an x-ray, or other imaging. Why take risks?

Find areas of instability

There are a number of x-ray signs that tell the doctor if a joint is hyper-mobile or unstable. Exercises can help strengthen these areas.

Measure effectiveness

How can we know that your misalignments have reduced if we do not take repeat x-rays? We hold ourselves to a high standard of care.

Rule out conditions

It is unlikely that we will find a serious medical problem on your x-rays. When we do we save patients precious time in starting treatment.

Calculate an adjusting angle

Adjustments are the most comfortable and the smoothest when they are aimed in a direction that is consistent with the shape of the joints.

Preferred table selection

Your spinal curves from the side viewing angle help the doctor predict which adjusting tables will be most beneficial for you.

Time to full recovery

True healing requires change over time. Knowing the baseline spinal structure helps set proper expectations for time to full recovery.

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